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Nordiska Brandmännens Studiedagar

Nordiska Brandmännens StudiedagarThe Nordic Fire-fighter’s In-Service Training Days (NBS) is a work related society for full-time fire fighting staff.

NBS was founded in 1937 and has, with the exception of the years 1939-1945, been arranged annually by the boards of the trade unions in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo. In addition to this, Reykjavik and Bergen have hosted the event, starting in 1966 and 1993 respectively. NBS is very unique within the international trade union movement as a group of professionals gathering regularly across the borders during such a long period of time.

The founders of NBS believe that the Nordic fire fighters have so much in common and are able to contribute to each other within their field of expertise to an extent that an annual gathering was warranted. This had to happen under simple, worthy and friendly forms, according to the founders. This attitude has remained throughout the years and have, with time, become more important due to the development of society, technology and the fast changing social interactions of today’s world at large.

A proposed agenda for the NBS event is developed and presented by the Board at the autumn meeting before the upcoming In-Service Training Days event. The proposal is sent out by the hosting country to the participants well in advance of the event. This proposal does provide a detailed programme of the event and additions are sometimes made to the draft programme in the form of lectures, movies, demonstrations, visits or practical group work.

During the In-Service Training Days event the participants are given information and knowledge in the areas of fire fighting and rescue service. They will also be given information regarding the salaries and working conditions in the various countries. They will furthermore find kinship and solidarity among fire-fighters as well as, during the course of the event, gather information about the host country’s financial, social and cultural situation.

During the years NBS has been arranged, friendships and contacts have been cultivated that remain to this day and it has in this way become an important part of the Nordic cooperation.

We are convinced that the In-Service Training Days events, and the cooperation established through them, have contributed to a better development of both technical and tactical methods for fire-fighting and rescue services in the countries participating. We have also developed a better and safer work environment leading to fewer injuries and higher efficiency in the work place.

Through an attempt to mimic salary levels and work environment, NBS has also contributed to a more even development in this area.

The administration, the trade unions and the political leadership in the various host cities have shown a great generosity and interest in the events, which has promoted the quality of the arrangements.
It is our hope that future generations of fire fighters will also experience the spirit of the Nordic cooperation and that the participants of future NBS events shall have the same possibilities to arrange and benefit from these as the current participants and host organisations.

The board of NBS, 2005