Bylaws for the Nordic Fire fighters’ In-Service Training Days (NBS)

The mission of the In-Service Training Days
The In-Service Training Days aim to bring full-time fire fighters who are trade union members in the Nordic countries together for studies and orientation within their profession, and to provide an opportunity for developing the professional knowledge of the participants.

Hosting the event

Each host city’s members will decide which trade union should arrange the NBS.

The hosts are:

Stockholm, Sweden: Bradmännens Riksförbund Stockholm
Helsinki, Finland: JHL, Helsingin Palomiesyhdistys 40 r.y
Denmark: Brandfolkenes Organisation, Copenhagen
Gothenburg, Sweden: Kommunal Göteborg
Oslo, Norway: Oslo brandkorpsforening avd 108 i fagforbundet
Reykjavik, Iceland: Reykjavik Brandpersonal
Bergen, Norway: Brannfolkenes organisasjon ved Bergren Brannvesen

The Board (In-Service Training Days Board)

The coordinating body for the In-Service Training Days is a Board known as” the Nordic fire fighters’ In-Service Training Day Board”, consisting of an elected trade union representative from each hosting organisation. The term of service on the Board runs from the election of a representative until a new representative from the same organisation has been elected. The In-Service Training Days Board shall meet twice annually, once in connection with the In-Service Training Days and once in late autumn.

Honorary members of the Board can be elected if its members have proposed this.

An extraordinary meeting can be called if three (3) members of the Board request this. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the members of the Board at the autumn meeting of even years. The Vice-Chairman is also elected, in odd years. Minutes shall be taken at the meetings and each Board Member shall receive a copy of these.
Treasury of the In-Service Training Days

The Board of the In-Service Training Days shall administrate funds mainly to aid the meetings of the Board. The Board can also decide to distribute funds for other purposes, which are deemed urgent. At the autumn meeting the Board will elect a Treasurer, for the upcoming calendar year. The Treasurer also has a seat on the Board.


NBS are able to establish funds to be used for the good of the society and the Board of each calendar year is mandated to spend these funds.


Each hosting organisation will pay to the Treasury, per annum and member, the fee set by the Board. The number of members on the 31 December will form the basis for the calculation of the fee for the upcoming year. The fee will be paid in Swedish currency (SEK) no later than the date of the In-Service Training Days event.


All members of the Board audit the treasury annually in connection with the In-Service Training Days event. The fiscal year ends on 31 December. The Board will elect two (2) auditors. The audit report will be presented at the regular annual meeting (spring meeting).

Disposal of funds

The Board will decide what the funds in the treasury shall be used for.

Termination of the Treasury

A decision to terminate the keeping of a treasury shall be taken at two consecutive meetings of the Board and the funds kept in the treasury shall be distributed between the hosting organisations.

Responsibilities of the hosting organisation

– To send out invitations for the In-Service Training Days, containing proposed programme for the event no later than December of the year prior to the event taking place.
– To distribute a final programme for the event, containing accommodation information to the respective organisations.
– To arrange for sightseeing in the host city.
– To arrange a social gathering on one of the nights of the In-Service Training Days.

Furthermore one morning or afternoon should be kept free in the programme enabling the participants to dispose the time freely. The aim shall be to keep the In-Service Training Days at the highest possible trade union level, when choosing the theme and that the arrangements shall be kept simple yet dignified.

Scheduling of the In-Service Training Days event

The hosting organisation may decide the scheduling of the events, but the month of May is recommended. The event shall last four (4) days.


The theme for the In-Service Training Days event shall encompass various topics within the profession and can be presented through lectures, teamwork, films, videos, visits and demonstrations etc. A representative from each country will give a presentation of the country’s work and salary levels. If possible, a written copy of all lectures shall be made available. The lecturers should be asked for a summary of their lectures.

Number of participants

Each organisation responsible for hosting the In-Service Training Days participate with eight (8) participants, one (1) travel-guide and one (1) representative of the Board.
The Treasurer will also participate. The fee for the Treasurer will be paid with funds from the Treasury.
A maximum of ten (10) additional participants from each organisation may attend. These will pay the normal rates for participation in addition to the fee for the NBS Treasury.

The delegation is encouraged to invite representatives from various trade unions to the In-Service Training Days. These would participate in addition to the above set numbers and at the cost of each country respectively.

The hosting organisation is entitled to, within reason and at their own expense, invite representatives of other countries’ fire departments as well as their own members.

Fee for participation

The regular hosting organisations of the Board will not pay for participating at the events. Other participants will pay a fee set by the Board. The individual members of the Board are responsible for the fees being paid no later than during the In-Service Training Days event in the currency of the hosting country.

Changes to the By-laws

Any changes to these by-laws can only be made after a decision of the Board, following a written proposal. Decisions of this nature should be made at the ordinary meeting of the Board in connection with the In-Service Training Days event.

JHL Helsingin Palomiesyhdistys 40 r.y
PL 112, 00099
Helsingin Kaupuki

Brandfolkenes Organisation
Svanevej 22, 2.sal
2400 København NV.

Kommunal sek 7 avd Väst
Räddningstjänsten Stor Göteborg
Box 5204, 40224 Göteborg

Brandmännens Riksförbund
Nordiska Brandmännens Studiedagar
Palmfeltsvägen 19
121 62 Johanneshov

Iceland Brunavardarfelag
Skogarhlid 14,
105 Reykjavik

Brannfolkens Organisasjon Bergen/Bergen Brannvesen
Rådhusplatss 9,
5017 Bergen